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Triple Threat
Excel in every area of art through the Spaulding School of Music Triple Threat Program

New Triple Threat Program

Triple threat program
After spending decades perfecting our ability to teach music by ear as well as by sheet, it is now time that we step out to even broader horizons by using our proven techniques to impact all areas of arts!
As of February 2015 the Spaulding School of Music has now partnered with industry leading instructors of Dance and Drama to create unrivalled professional training as a "Triple Threat" artists in the region. Triple Threat being Music, Drama and Dance performance.

Our Triple Threat program combines the one-on-one or group teaching required to bring a student from the ground floor to any category as a professional dancer, singer / musician and actor. Together with our talented team of professionals, students thrive as professional artists in any class of creative stage expression.

Each individual can also join in one of our many stage productions through the year. This approach creates not only a fun and highly professional experience for each student but also acts as perfect goal oriented or career oriented solution for students plans to take things that far.

Through the spaulding school of music / arts simply anything can be accomplished and accomplished well.

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Triple Threat Program

Spaulding Triple Threat Program
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