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Comments About The Spaulding Method

The following is a brief compilation of comments students have submitted regarding Damian Spaulding and the Spaulding Method:

Carol Fisher

Damian is not only a gifted teacher but an empathetic and caring individual.
My son admires and respects him. He has the unique ability to touch everyone that is fortunate enough to have him as a teacher.
I would highly recommend him to anyone that would enjoy enriching their lives with music.
My son has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, confidence and now is able to perform in front of an audience.

Thanks Damian!

Dr. Paul Webber

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with your music lessons. You are enthusiastic, hands on, and you have taught my 8 year old daughter an incredible amount in just a few months. You are unlike any other music teacher we have met. You are a talented teacher and player. Your enthusiasm is infectious. I love to watch you teach!

Tony Stanbra & Stephanie

I Just wanted to pass along our appreciation for your teaching method and style. I have played guitar off and on over the last 30 years without ever really progressing much. I have learned more in the 5 lessons with you than I had in the ten lessons with my previous teacher. What has previously been confusing and complicated with other teachers has become simple and straight forward and fun with you. You have made the light come on for so many topics that I had found frustrating and confusing before. It’s great to have a teacher that doesn’t try and influence you with their musical preferences. Stephanie did piano lessons under the RCM curriculum for 2 years and fought us tooth and nail over going to lessons and practicing, it was frustrating for all involved. She never wanted to practice and always wanted to quit. After four lessons on the violin with you I can’t believe she is the same girl! She loves the lessons and I never have to get on her about practice! She will practice for 2 hours without having to be asked, when in the past it was a fight to get her to practice for 10 minutes. She prefers Your fun and creative approach to lessons far more than the rigid structure of the RCM curriculum. We have seen more passion from her in four lessons than in the previous 2 years of RCM Instruction. Thanks again!

Tony Stanbra & Stephanie (age 11)


Amazing School! There isn't a school in Barrie or surrounding area that compares to the quality of learning they give at this school. My children (and I) learn faster then any other teacher we have ever had before and in my experience they have re-defined what I now think of as music lessons. I suggest this school to everyone I know. I agree with everything their testimony page says about them. They truly live up to their reputation.

Roy Snow

I started playing guitar in my early 20's, having been one of the only people in my family who didn't play. My interests started with wanting to play along with family members a few times per year but after learning basic chords my playing flat lined and I grew immensely frustrated. Not being able to expand and lacking the knowledge to gain structure in my learning I decided it was time to find some help.
After 3 tries with online guitar teaching websites I met Damian at a local Open Mic he was running and started taking lessons a few weeks later. After a year of lessons I've become proficient with Country guitar and Blues, which when I started were the genre's I was interested in, and now I'm working on Jazz and I'm learning the mandolin and slide resonator guitar. I'm no longer scared to experiment with my instruments and my playing and I'm comfortable playing in large groups and live at some of the Open Mic events Damian runs. If you want to learn ANY instrument I highly recommend The Spaulding School of Music and if you start learning from Damian I'll look forward to playing with you at future Open Mic Nights.

Madison Pardis

All my other music teachers much have been part time painters because I have learned more with Damian in three weeks then I have in the monts I was with them.

Debbie Fisher

I am 52 years young and have just begun my venture into the world of singing and radio commercial voice over talent.  I have taken singing lessons with two different teachers, but never continued because I felt I was not learning anything except how to do breathing exercises and sing scales.  It was very frustrating!  I know I have a good voice with great postential.  I want to learn how to strengthen it and sing the best that I can.  My nephew told me about Damian and how good he is.  So I contacted Damian to see if he would take me on as a student, because I live in Kingston which is 4 hours away.  He agreed and we met in December.  All I can say is WOW, he is amazing and very gifted!  His teaching style is different than any other voice teacher I have had.  I learned more in one lesson than I had in one year of lessons!  He makes you feel comfortable, is very encouraging, and no scales!  Love it!!!  Now, I travel once a month to see Damian…that is how good he is!  I have a competition coming up in May and will soon have an agent to represent me.  Thank you so much Damian for helping me to get there!  I look forward to learning how to play the guitar next

Sandra Perisa

This is an amazing opportunity for Matej and he is very excited about it!
He is very inspired by your talent. It is great to see him pick up the guitar and go to town with the things he learns from you! Taking on the challenge of learning an instrument, expecially learning it well, takes a lot of dedication and hard work. There is just something about you, probably your fantastic sense of humor, that makes Matej really look forward to his lessons! Learning should be about using the God given talents we have within to spread the word. It's people like you who show us that we shouldn't be afraid to let it all out. We always look forward to what you have in store for us at the next lesson....and you never dissapoint!

Amanda Mckinnon

A personal letter from me to Damian:
"That lesson was AMAZING!!!!! It was all the reasons I loved you from the very see the potential for someone to push beyond their comfort zone and then you take them there in a safe fun way! I loved the way you pushed Mathew to reach beyond and did not make him feel bad about himself. I LOVED that you noticed he was playing a bit quiet at the end and took the time to ask why, even though you were running over time. I LOVED that he LOVED the lesson and was inspired. I loved that he felt safe to say to you, this is hard for me or I need help or I do not get it. I love that you know somehow when he says I do not know how...and you know which times he means it and which times he is faking you out. I love that you play along with him, it makes him feel like he is doing a good job and that you want to be a part of it. I love that you are funny, silly, serious and caring! You are the best!"

Amanda Mckinnon & Mathew (age 12)

The Morrison Family

We had no idea that music lessons could be so much fun! Damian is inspiring and encouraging and he is gifted at explaining music concepts to the kids in a way that they can grasp. I have been amazed at his ability to co-ordinate all four of our kids to play together so quickly. They love it when he jumps in to participate in playing with them too. He has such a range of talent to teach Keyboards, Guitar, Trumpet and Drums. I have never met such an excellent model of what it is to pursue the love of music passionately. We love you Damian!
Susan Morrison

I have taken other lessons, but by far, Damian is the best!
Sarah Morrison (age 14)

Guitar is very hard but you make it fun! Thank you for being so encouraging. THANK YOU
Lydia Morrison (age 11)

It?s so much fun when you teach drums for me. I am learning a lot, thanks.
Ruth Morrison (age 8)

Collin Gibson

Defiantly a superb teaching style based around what the student actually wants to learn. I found that there were layers of guitar that were opened up to me that I never understood before. That mixed with Damian's fun personality made the lessons & the learning flippin grate. Highly recommended!
Collin Gibson (Adult - Now Teacher)

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