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Teacher Apprenticeship Program
A new approach to qualified teaching

Teacher Apprenticeship Program

The Spaulding School of Music has a unique way of ensuring quality instruction by all trained music instructors.  Instead of having a simple examination process that just proves an instructor "knows concepts" at the time of the exam, we believe music is more of an evolving process and successful teaching methods should be "mentored" and not "instructed".  Therefore we have evolved a Spaulding Apprenticeship program where new teachers that are already talented musicians can experience first-hand a refinement of their teaching practises as they teach their students.  
Even after a teacher achieves full certification in the Spaulding Method, they must continue through our ongoing training process in order to maintain their accreditation.  

We are excited about this new approach and it has served us well.  You will experience the benefits first hand when you take any lesson with one of our accredited teachers.
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