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Madison Mueller

Madison Mueller

Madison Mueller started with the Spaulding School of Music as a child and now is making international waves in the music industry.  Madison started as a pianist, moved to piano and voice then to ukulele, guitar and of-course composition. 
As a result of a concert made by the Spaulding School, Madison was connected with Jeff Wardell a local Barrie music producer and through that relationship she has cut a number of music singles that has now impacted the globe.  Madison is a rising star!

Madison is now played on 300+radio stations and has already won numerous awards as top independent artist in Canada.  Due to Madison’s international success, she has been invited to elitist training events in the usic industry across the united states as well as have been featured at some of North Americas largest music conventions. 

We applaud Madison as she is now journeying deep in her new music career, forming a new band and continuing to leverage her unique sound in order to achieve new heights. 

Check out Madison’s music:

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