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Credo School of Music
Skopje Macedonia

Credo School of Music

The Spaulding School of Music has now expanded by teaching it's method in Macedonia!

Stankovic Igor of Skopje Macedonia will be the first instructor teacher certified in the Spaulding Method (in Macedonia) coming this fall. Igor has built an excellent facility in the capitol city of Skopje and we are excited to be sharing his journey with you!

Stankovic Igor is already an accomplished musician / composer and will now be raising a team of teaching professionals soon to be certified in the Spaulding Method as well. When combined, this team will be able to teach any instrument in their newly completed space.

These are excellent times for the Spaulding School of Music, Igor's Company (Credo School of Music and Fine Arts) as well as the people of Macedonia because such a method as the Spaulding Method has never been exposed to the Macedonian public and the excitement is truly high. The Credo School of Music will be a refreshing change when compared to the traditional teaching approaches that have dominated the Macedonian musical space for so many years. "Times are a changing" that's for sure. We are glad to be working with a brilliant man like Igor and look forward to sharing in his great successes in the future.

Go Credo School of Music in Macedonia!!!!!

Bul. Partizanski Odredi Br
153 1000 Skopje R. Macedonia
tel . +38970929298
mail: credoschoolofmusic @
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