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Refund / Return Policy

Refund / Return Policy

Lessons that have not been taught but pre-billed through credit card will be fully reimbursed upon request so long as the reimbursement request is submitted no less than 48 hours before lesson time.  

To be considered for a refund you must send an email to info at spaulding school of greater than 48 hours before lesson date.
List the following information in the body of your email:

    Your order number
    The date of order
    Student the lessons were purchased for
    Please describe the issue and/or reasons you are asking for a return or refund

Upon receipt of your request, all eligible refunds will receive a credit within 7 to 10 business days. Due to billing cycles, the refund may not appear on the same credit card statement as the original charge.
Please note that, except for the reasons listed above, Spaulding School of Music carries a no-refund policy on lesson services. Book Today

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