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New Life Church
A more intimate kind of worship experience

New Life Church

New Life Community Church

New Life Thornton
Damian Spaulding has been asked to lead worship at a little yet awesome church just south of Barrie in Thornton Ontario named New Life. Since starting this project, lots of "new life" has been coming to New Life Church as many individuals from all around the region are combining to share in worship, community and so much more.

If you are a musician (professional or amateur) looking for a worship team to grow with then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Damian Spaulding personally trains the worship team not only musically but also in worship principles as well.
Alternatively, if you are an individual looking for a fresh outlook in church and church community, this is also a perfect opportunity for you to re-invent your understanding of church and the Body of Christ.

Each weekend improves upon the past and we would be elated if you can join us this coming Sunday.

The location:
32 Robert Street
Thornton, Ontario
(705) 718-5680

10:00 am

This is not the "typical" church experience and we look forward to sharing our journey with you. Book Today

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