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Rates are independently set by each teacher of the Spaulding Method. 

We never lock you into contracts or long-term arrangements because we don't need to.  When you are properly inspired in music there is never a need to lock a student in for any period of time.  The student motivates them self.

Rates range in average from $30 for lessons by Apprentice Teachers and $60 [CAD, USD] for online lessons with Damian Spaulding. Premium in-person lessons with Damian Spaulding are $60 per 30 min session (when 4 lessons or more are paid in advance) or $60 for one-off  lessons with Damian Spaulding and no need for advanced booking.  Lessons can be taken every week or every other week dependent on your budget, goals, dreams and desires.  Regularly a 30 minute lesson in the Spaulding Method is equivalent to at least 3 or 4 lessons (in progress and growth) when compared to any other style of learning.  Our testimonials page speaks for itself: Testimonials.

We advise against 60 minute lessons because it is often too much information for a student to handle.  

Advanced bookings cannot be cancelled but only re-booked if the need arises.  All other lessons require at least 24 hours notice to re-schedule.

All Spaulding Teachers (Apprentice or Certified) experience ongoing training directly from Damian Spaulding.  This approach ensures that lessons performed by Spaulding trained teachers maintain the highest standards. 

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It is true, once you try a lesson with one of our teachers in the Spaulding Method, you will never desire instruction anywhere else.  Put us to the test and let us amaze you!

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Gift certificates for music lessons
Our testimonials speak for themselves! Read More

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Testimonials for the Spauding School of Music
Lessons with the Spaulding School of Music is an excellent gift. You can never go wrong with a lesson style that 100% adapts to the needs of every student. Read More

More Bang for the Buck

A cost effective approach to music lessons
Through the Spaulding Method, you not only get further in music but each lesson packs far more of a punch when it comes to dollar value. Read More

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A cost effective approach to music lessons
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