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Learn Guitar Piano Drums Voice and More by ear in Barrie Collingwood and Blue Mounatin
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Barrie Collingwood and Blue Mountain Music Lessons

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Standard Band Instruments
Guitar Lessons Barrie
Piano Lessons Barrie
Drum Lessons Barrie
Voice Lessons Barrie
Bass Lessons Barrie

Orchestral Instruments
Trumpet Lessons Barrie
Violin Lessons Barrie
Sax Lessons Barrie

Professional Education
Band Dynamics
Band Dynamics
Performance Techniques
Performance Techniques
Recording Techniques
Recording Techniques
Sound Engineering
Sound Engineering
Song and Artist Promotion
Song and Artist Promotion
Advanced Music Theory
Advanced Music Theory

Further Information
Band Dynamics
Our Teaching Strategy
Applied Theory
Applied Theory Approach

Extended Instruments
Hand Drum Lessons Barrie
Hand Drums
Didgeridoo Lessons Barrie
Harp Lessons Barrie
Harmonica Lessons Barrie

The Spaulding Method Successfully Moulds to Any Style of Music Playing:
Classical - Rock - Pop - Blues - Country - Folk and all others.

Each lesson is 30 minutes in duration and covers a vast amount of knowledge. We find that any longer than 30 minutes can often overwhelm the student. As you can see from what our students say, each lesson covers far more ground than any other style of learning. We are not "book reliant" but rather rely on the inspiration of each student to lead the way in their own learning curve.
As a student gains in expertise, lessons may be switched to every other week to then become on-demand when needed.
Gift cards are also available upon request.

Feel free to join us at one of our up-coming Open Mic nights.

Toll Free: 877-665-7802   Barrie - Blue Mountain - Collingwood: 705-733-6154
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