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John Hart

John Hart

John David Hart
Music Industry Business management

John David Hart began his passion for Music at the early age of 5 under the direction of his piano teacher, Radio TV broadcaster mother Terry Hart.
Hart's professional experiences in the Music industry began in his teens when his band, Jasmine from Sudbury Ontario, won a song writing contest with the CBC, when Hart was 14, with the song " On this Sunny day, which was recorded professionally with the CBC in Toronto at that time.

It was at the same time period that the young musical entrepreneur became a full time Radio TV Broadcaster where he developed areas of commercial production and on air experiences including airing two brand new Radio stations, Espanola CKNS Radio 1978 where Hart programmed, did the morning show and assisted with the overall operation and later at age 22 , 1980, CKAN Newmarket where he did the morning show and assisted with programming, sales and the overall operations of the station.

Always developing his own music during his employment experiences Hart later worked as a freelance News reporter seeking stories that most Broadcast professionals avoided due to the sensitive nature of the stories, Hart assisted in breaking News stories for Aboriginal Peoples in Temagami concerning land cautions and environmental issues as well as human rights issues that related nationally as concerns of the Canadian public.

Hart maintains a personal mission code of dedication to Music and Art and the community and remains committed to creating new music and assisting others where ever possible.

Hart developed a band called Open eye Universe which is always comprised of different musicians and explorations of musical freedoms that may or may not have traditional methodology but still conform to music form and melody creating balance from discord at times. Having obtained a diploma in Law , Police sciences, Hart became interested and accomplished in business aspects of the Music Industry leading him to approve grants at factor, funded by private broadcasters, to assist bands and composers with the modern aspects of the Industry and need to properly registry and release of original Music so that the composer or band can have more knowledge of the methods of succeeding in and obtaining financial compensation for the efforts composing, recording, and performing.
Having been accepted into actra based upon his professional reputation in the business Hart experienced numerous performing roles for TV and became softly educated in process of film and TV on set work. The performer has incubated experience and knowledge from hands on experiences into a methodology that is applicable to the business side of the business and currently teaches Music Industry Business management to help artists and composers secure the administrative role of their creations and methods of media relations as well as social networking and proving the music for Broadcasting and obtaining major label representation.

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