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Growing On Up!
Our expansion to a new space yields a whole new experience for students

Growing On Up!

Growing On Up

Moving up in music
Growing on up!
As of March 1st the Spaulding School of Music is in a new space at 80 Bradford street in Barrie. With this new space comes a whole wealth of new services for you to enjoy!

Triple Threat Program
Now join our second to none team of music teachers, drama and dance instructors and learn what it takes to be an unrivaled performance talent in the industry. Our music teachers come from strong touring and professional studio backgrounds. Our drama teaching utilizes some of the industry's best talent in the area as well as our dance instruction.

Glee club
Led by our team of professionals, learn how to sing dance and choreograph music and musical acts. Much like how you see Glee on TV, our Glee club delivers all of the above and more. Where else can you join a professionally trained glee club complete with access to recording studio and all the professional trimmings you could dream of. Live stage performances are just around the corner! Join us! Check it out!

One-On-One Acting Classes
Lead by Laura Lachapelle (a well celebrated actor and director in Central Ontario). Now you can learn the inner workings of drama and how to get the most out of your drama performance, take direction and make direction as an aspiring theatrical professional.

Recording Studio Training and Experience
Join our professional teaching team in learning about all things professional sound. From engineering live sound to Protools audio engineering, or new space allows us room to have a dedicated recording studio complete with a control room overlooking a live rehearsal space.
This new exciting program is true to amaze.

Rehearsal Space
With our new space we now have the ability to host open space for rent for bands and musicians that want to practice. We even have enough room to leave some of your gear here if you need it. We will protect it for you and keep it safe until your next rehearsal time in our space.

PA Day Camps
Ever wonder what to do with your kids during PA day? Well treat them to a camp that will not only keep them engaged and entertained but also gaining valuable knowledge that will last the rest of their life.
Because the Spaulding Method is so highly adaptive and learning how to play music by ear is far from boring, we are now able to offer a new service where your child can be introduced and even furthered in music without any obligation of long-term lessons. Even if your child is currently taking lessons elsewhere, your child will gain great experience and understanding through the Spaulding School of Music PA Day music program.

March Break Camps
When you are learning how to play music by ear through the Spaulding Method of learning, a great deal can be gained in just 7 days.
Through the March Break camp, your child will be able to within 7 days pick up an new instrument and by the end of the week, play along with other kids in the group!
Complete with in-house recording studio, the crew may even be able to cut a little CD by the end of the experience. Contact us to learn more.

Summer Camps
The Spaulding School of Music Summer Camps operate much like our March Break Camp. Students can enrol for a single week or many weeks at a time. The entire camp process is not only fun, but also customizes to the development and needs of the children in each group. Book your space early so that we can properly group your child with other talent signing on as well.
Once together, anything becomes possible in music!

Band Jams
Isn't it frustrating that musicians often work very hard to learn their instrument then once they achieve a certain level of accomplishment, can find no one to jam with?
Well no more. Our Spaulding Band Jams are open to the public. Simply register your interest and we will combine your talents with the talents of other band members that have registered as well.
There is no fee for registration. Finally when we have enough members to form the right band with the right chemistry, we will notify you and you can all rent the space for a really affordable price and jam. If the band "locks" you can always continue to rent rehearsal space or rehearse on your own. Our desire is simply to connect you to other musicians in the area. Register now and spread the word!

The more people that know about this service the better! Book Today

Triple Threat Program

Spaulding Triple Threat Program
Learn music, drama and dance from the best of the best with the Spaulding School of Music triple Threat program. Read More

Glee Club

Glee Club
Yes it's true! We do have a glee club! Read More

Summer Camp

Summer Camp
Hone your skills as a musician, actor and dancer while having a pile of fun at our Spaulding Summer Camp! Read More

March Break Camp

March Break Camp
Ready for a whole new experience this march break? Read More

PA Day Camps

PA Day Camps
Learn and grow through our one-of-a-kind PA Day camp experience. Read More

Musician Connection

Musician connection / band nights
Connect with other musicians in the area and jam in our community jam space. Read More

Drama Program

Drama Program
Get deeper in your dramatic skill through one on one lesson or group sessions. Read More

Recording Studio Training

Studio training
Learn how to cut a CD like a professional. Read More

Learn Any Instrument

Learn any instrument online quickly and easily
Almost any instrument can be learned while on vacation. Read More

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