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The man behind the method
With over 20 years of teaching experience Damian Spaulding's method the Spaulding Method will forever change how you perceive learning music

Damian Spaulding

Damian Spaulding - Biography

Damian Spaulding has been celebrated across many fronts:
1) As a professional musician and music producer, Damian Spaulding has assisted in the development of tracks that have become known across the world.  Damian has also developed many high relationships throgh the music and general entertainment industries  Damian also teaches 20+ instruments personally through both online and in-person music lessons.
2) As a celebrated stage musician, Damian has facilitated the strong development of open mics across the region.  These Open Mics and stage experiences have helped to break many artists into the industry while giving professional level experience to aspiring artists.
3) As an educator, Damian Spaulding has developed a method of learning that is indisputably one of the strongest and most successful learning processes in the arts and other fields: Spaulding Method
4) As a business developer, Damian Spaulding has brought together many extra-ordinary teams to develop extraordinary achievements including the regions first multi-disciplinary arts education organization as well as concerts, festivals and the like. 
5) As a software developer Damian Spaulding has developed high-level software solutions for businesses both large and small ranging from simple website design to highly sophisticated Multi-Country Management Systems, Ecommerce Systems, Retail Systems, Customer Relationship Management systems and the like. 

Damian Spaulding
Photo by: Donna Deadman

Damian chooses to build enterprise solutions from scratch as a software developer rather than simply customizing external solutions to fit a business model.  Why buy an off-she-shelf suit when it is within your reach to build a tailor-made piece of art.
6) As a stage and production manager, Damian Spaulding has facilitated many productions ranging from Television Production to live stage production and outdoor concert productions.
7) As a recording studio engineer, Damian Spaulding has inspired many students to dig deep into the areas of music production as well as designed and arranged a plethora of custom songs and scores.

Damian Spaulding absolutely loves what he does and would not change his path for any other direction.  He greatly enjoys mentoring and developing up-and-coming talents in just about every area he has expertise.  Even though the load of handling so many successful enterprises can be overwhelming at times, there is no better satisfaction than seeing a student excel, or seeing a business thrive and positively impact an increasing number of lives.

At present Damian Spaulding is working hard on delivering the regions first Kindergarten to Grade 12 School of The Arts while finalizing a 20 development of custom software that already has transformed the organizations under his control and soon to be dozens more.

Damian Spaulding has a wife of 20 plus years named Lisa Spaulding and together their love continues to spill through the community as both of their 'hearts desire' lie in contributing to their community both local and abroad.

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Damian Spaulding

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