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Caitlin Gale

Madison Mueler

Caitlin Gale is an accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist who's been playing professionally for the last 8 years. She learned to play the guitar 10 years ago, and immediately found her passion for the instrument and performing. She plays a variety of concerts, shows, festivals, and events. When not performing, she teaches guitar for The Spaulding School of Music and is always excited to help guide her students to find their passion for music and learning and combining the two in a fun, yet instructive way. She finds it important to have the student not only learning, but wanting to learn, so she creates an atmosphere where both are being taught and received, all while having fun.

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A cost effective approach to music lessons
Through the Spaulding Method, not only do you experience the high amounts of pleasure associated with learning how to play music naturally by ear, but each lesson also packs far more of a punch when it comes to dollar value per lesson.  Read More

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