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Music Lessons in Blue Mountain / Collingwood
Learn directly from our founder and get further in music than you ever could have imagined.

Music Lessons in Blue Mountain / Collingwood

Blue Mountain Music Lessons

Learn music while on vacation in Blue Mountain
Ever had an instrument that you always wanted to learn but figured it would take too much time, or it was too late in life to get started?
Well now is the time where your dreams can become a reality because learning music does not need to be long, drawn out, difficult or complicated as many have been lead to believe. Through the Spaulding School of Music's "New Roots Vacation Experience" you can and will learn the broad principles of any instrument in just an hour or two! It is true!
Imagine coming back from vacation with the capability of playing a new instrument for your friends and family. Or learn to Jam like a professional in just one highly intense session!

How do we make this possible? Through the Spaulding Method we have devised a way of compressing a vast amount of learning in to a very short period of time. In only a 1 hour session you will be able to select songs that inspire you and learn the principles that exist behind each song so that you can begin to teach yourself in no time!

There is no need for a long term commitment and this is not the standard "music lesson" that many have grown to believe is the only way to learn music. The New Roots vacation experience allows you to gain new roots of music understanding quickly and easily. No boredom, no books, no dry exercises!

Don't wait. Experience the difference a 1 hour session can do for you. After this session you will never think of music the same way again! We guarantee it!

Our Philosophy:
Music does not need to be a life-long commitment to a teacher. We have never believed in that nor have we ever taught in that manner. Our aim at all times is to help you achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time possible while having fun all through the learning process.

Lesson Outline:
Each customized session specifically moulds to the style of music you wish to learn and customizes to your individual learning style as well. Professional students looking to achieve that all too illusive "next step" are also welcome to inquire.

The New Roots Vacation Experience is currently available exclusively in the Blue Mountain Collingwood region.

All inquiries can be made through Activity Central at the base of blue mountain or through us directly via our contact page. Book Today

Learn Music While on Vacation

The Spaulding Method for All Instruments
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Gift Certificates for music lessons
Lessons with the Spaulding School of Music is an excellent gift. You can never go wrong with a lesson style that 100% adapts to the needs of every student. Read More

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