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Learn music as a blind individual
It is just silly that teachers have put such a strong emphasis on sheet music and other sighted demands on students in order to learn a talent that could and should easily be ear-driven.   We are now changing that reality one person at a time. 

Learn music as a blind individual

Online Music Lessons for the Blind

Online Homeschool Music Lessons
For thousands of years music has enriched the lives of many and on the most part the fundaments of music have remained unchanged all through that time.  Despite this, music teachers tend to teach using methods that are only a few hundred years old, is sheet music dependent, and quite frankly falls grossly short in the areas of improvisation and general spontaneous musical expression.    Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles for example are two blind musicians that have rocked the world with their music but were required to teach themselves their instruments because there was no standard teaching approach that perfectly suited learning music for the blind; until now.

The Spaulding Method is perfectly suited for blind musicians because there is no requirement to learn how to read sheet music.  The honest truth is that there is no such thing as "good" sheet music for popular music anyway.  Sheet manufacturers of modern music hire professionals like us to re-interpret modern music and translate that interpretation into "sheet" in ways that barely even sound like the original piece.  This begs the questions to be asked:  
Why not fire the middle person and express music in your own interpretation from the start?  
Why learn sheet if the best form of playing music is playing by ear?  
We answer these important questions in the best way possible:  We have built a method of learning that simply makes sense not only for the blind musicians but also for every modern aspiring performer.  We teach how to play truly by-ear.   Not just plucking out melodies of nursery rimes or basic songs but rather the real-McCoy:  Fully orchestrated and sophisticated music ready to be played with bands or filling a live concert stage.  It's true!
Through the Spaulding Method you as a blind student / musician will be exposed to music naturally without the traditional tediousness of scales and exercises.  We start where the rubber-meets-the-road by teaching you how to play along with your favorite songs right away.  We teach you how to compose right from the start so that you can experience music in the most all encompassing way possible: As an experience of deep and gratifying self expression.  Within one year you will be able to call yourself a musician. We guarantee it!

Don't even think of taking lessons from a teacher that is adapting an old sheet music approach to suit your specific need.  You will be taking two steps backward before you even start.  Hire us to teach you in a way that was 100% built to your specific requirements right from the start.  Why require vision to learn a craft that is ear driven from the start anyway?  Once you experience the Spaulding Method of learning you will never think of music the same way again.  We look forward to proving this to you.

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