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A new breed of teaching for a new generation of student
Music has greatly changed over the last 200 years but on the most music teaching has not. Work with us to change this reality and offer a new breed of teaching music world-wide.

A new breed of teaching for a new generation of student

Become a Music Teacher

Become a MusicTeacher
The goal of The Spaulding School of Music is to have a trained teacher in every major city and region of the world teaching the Spaulding Method of Music.  
After over 20 years of developing and refining the Spaulding Method we are now realizing this goal.  If you are a teacher aspiring to learn the Spaulding Method or are a student of music desiring to learn what it takes to become a teacher in the Spaulding Method, please send a video bio to or post on youtube and send us a link.  We will then review your  bio and consider your application.  

In your bio please send us:
  1. Your name and a brief history of your music life (and anything you would like to share)
  2. What inspires you about teaching the Spaulding Method
  3. What instruments you would like to teach and have you taught
  4. What teaching services you may already provide
  5. Something creative that you believe will make you stand out against other applicants for teaching.
You do not presently have to be a music teacher to apply for teacher training with us.  We truly enjoy training teachers that have never taught in the past, as well as veteran teachers or professional musicians in our methods.

Once accepted:
All training will be provided personally by Damian Spaulding (found of the Spaulding Method) and service contracts will be put in place upon graduation of training.   We take training teacher very seriously as it is our aim to "standardize" the Spaulding Method world wide.  AS you know our teaching method is highly unique and offers teachers in any area a very unique advantage over all other teachers in their region.  
All inquiries will be considered but not all will be accepted.  If you have any questions about our application process please contact us

Feel free to take a few lessons first:
There is no requirement to apply first as a teacher for the Spaulding Method.  If you would like to experience the Spaulding Method in action before applying feel free to do so.  Once training begin, training will be provided online much like a standard student arrangement therefore it does not hurt to gain an understanding of how everything works and what is involved in the process.  Please communicate with us up-front of your desire to teach when applying for a lesson so that we can consider your request as we move along.
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Phil Hufnagel
The Spaulding Method provides a highly flexible and customizable system for teaching music. The method allows me as a teacher to be intuitive and flow with the needs of my student. I can move at the pace of the individual, and use the style they want to learn to teach the technical musical knowledge they need to succeed. The student is motivated since they are learning music they like. Damian is a very encouraging mentor, and loves to teach. He is a great resource and will inspire you to build good relationships with your students, allowing you the chance to break through their difficulties and, in turn, inspire them.

Collin Gibson
So enjoyed the motivation and energy in my lessons. The feeling that the sky was the limit. The Spaulding method is like nothing I have experienced anywhere else in a music lesson. Thank you for the leg up in my musical journey.

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The Spaulding Method

Music Lessons Learning Philosophy
Our new approach is 100% suited to learning modern music: Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk even Classical, Jazz and others when learned in our new way remains fun and highly effective. For every instrument there is a method of learning that has been customized through the Spaulding Method. Read More

Our Philosophy

Music Lessons Learning Philosophy
What makes us so unique and why so many have come to love the Spaulding Method. Read More

Online Education

Online Learning of Music and Lessons
It is easy to learn to be a teacher through our one on one teacher training program.  All you need is a high-speed internet connection and an open mind. Read More

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