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Our Barrie Ontario Staff
All staff have been personally trained by Damian Spaulding in the Spaulding Method of Music.

Our Barrie Ontario Staff

The Spaulding School of Music is expanding very rapidly.  All teachers are independent contractors to the Spaulding School of Music and each teacher undergoes continuous education from Damian Spaulding Directly.  Our approach ensures the quality of your lesson will always be of the highest standard and consistent with Spaulding Method teaching techniques.

Mitchell Gleason
Mitchel Gleason
Mitchel Gleason is a pinnacle part of our ever expanding team of teachers.   Mitchell starting playing music when he was very young and started taking lessons with Damian Spaulding.  Over the past years of instruction through the Spaulding School of Music Mitchell has established himself as a strong Guitarist, Drummer, Pianist and Bassist as well as a teacher in the Spaulding Method.   At present Mitchell teaches all instruments at The Spaulding School of Music.   Mitch is presently in his last year of high school and is planning to study music amongst other professions at a university level in the coming years.    We are truly glad to have Mitchell as a part of our team.

Ceejay Horrell
Ceejay Horrell
Ceejay Horrell is a very established vocalist, studio artist and teacher.  He has been qualified in the Spaulding Method of teaching voice for over 5 years and runs a small professional recording studio in his home in the North West end of Barrie.  Ceejay also has an extensive background in Radio Broadcast, productions and many other areas.  It is an absolute privilege to have him as part of our team.

Damian Spaulding
Damian Spaulding
Damian Spaulding is the Founder of the Spaulding Method.  More information can be found here:
Damian's Bio

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The Spaulding Method

The Spaulding Method of Learning Music
The Spaulding Method is a new accelerated approach to learning how to play music by ear as well as by sheet music. After 20 years of development, our strategies for success are guaranteed to help you. Read More

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Opening Soon!

Music School Franchise opening in your area soon
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Learn Any Instrument

The Spaulding Method for All Instruments
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The Spaulding Method

The Spaulding Method
The Spaulding Method is a new way of learning music. Through this method you will be able to quickly learn how to play by ear as well as by sheet music. Read More

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
We refuse to throw around buzz words like "revolutionary" but our philosophy speaks for itself. Read More

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